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Audio Program for Singles


In appreciation for purchasing Amy Schoen's outstanding new book Get It Right This Time™ we would like you to have access to David Steele's audio program for singles.

In this program you discover-


  1. Fourteen dating traps and how to avoid them, the Ten Principles of Conscious Dating, the four steps for finding the love of your life, how to find potential partners highly aligned with who you are and what you want, and how your current relationships can set you up for failure or success
  2. You also receive dating tips gleaned from 10 years of research with thousands of singles worldwide!
  3. And more!

I developed this audio program to complement my Conscious Dating book and is the definitive resource for helping singles find the love of your life.


A great guide full of wise dating and relationship advice for singles who want to Get It Right This Time that covers all the bases, from getting ready to date, to living happily ever after.


-- David Steele,
Founder, Relationship Coaching Institute,
and author of Conscious Dating: Finding the
Love of Your Life in Today’s World


$150 Gift Certificate from Steppin Out


With over 14 years of experience in the singles outdoor international travel industry, it’s no wonder Steppin Out Advenures is responsible for more than 60 marriages after participants found their soulmate on one of our trips. While not a dating service, Steppin Out brings together individuals with a zest for life and adventurous spirit, which in our view isn’t based on adrenaline rush, but a spirit to step out of your normal routine and try something new. With activities such as taking baby cubs for walks in Zimbabwe, hiking table mountain in South Africa, racing down the rapids in Costa Rica, viewing the awe-inspiring sunset at Joshua tree, and diving in the blue waters of Cozumel, we’re still going strong with trips to breathtaking new locations as well as staying loyal to our favorite places.


We even incorporate service projects into our international trips, to do something to give back to our host country. Upcoming trips include a trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro, horsebackriding in Brazil, and of course our legendary ski vacations (aka -a large singles party on the slopes) which this year we’ll be in Telluride and Steamboat. No matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to befriend like-minded people and have an unforgettable experience.

-- Robin Richman
, Steppin Out Adventures-



.Develop Rich Relationships! ebook


Increase your ability to create and nurture strong relationships with yourself and the key people in your life.    


Lifestyle Expert, Kim Fulcher, has been dubbed America’s Reinvention Coach™.
She is the founder, president and CEO of Compass Life and Business Designs (, a lifestyle solutions company for women. Her work as an entrepreneur, company leader, author, speaker, and professional coach has resulted in her national recognition as an expert in personal and professional success.



Find Your Courage! eWorkbook


Margie Warrell is a Coach, Speaker and Author who is recognized internationally as an expert on courage as it relates to communication, relationships, leadership and life! (


To thank you for participating in Amy’s promotion she would like to give you a free copy of her Find Your Courage! eWorkbook. A perfect companion to Margie’s Best Selling book Find Your Courage!, this 66 page workbook guides you through 27 insightful exercises that will allow you to not only identify those inner ‘blocks’ that are keeping you from enjoying the success you would like – in your relationships, career, business and life – but also empower you with the tools & strategies you need to move forward with greater confidence, clarity and courage. The Find Your Courage! eWorkbook will provide you with an invaluable resource to refer back to you as fulfill your unique potential and live the life you dream of.




Finding the Love You Want After 45


A 90-minute recording of "Finding the Love You Want After 45." This teleclass is designed to help you look at your emotional life in a new way and to expose the obstacles that may be standing in the way of your dating success. The class will help you look at things you may be unconsciously doing that prevent you from finding good men to date.

-- Casey Dawes, ACC
Casey Dawes supports boomer women to claim their power over their lives, their relationships and their businesses. She is a credentialed life and business coach who has had many occupations and relationships. Casey is extremely happy with her life right now and wants you to be, too!


Amy Schoen has written a delightful book full of indispensable advice that will help you succeed in finding the right one to love. From foundation (really getting to know and appreciate yourself) to dating realities and tips, she covers a lot of ground in this book. One of the best sections is about online dating. For those who are new to, nervous about or who haven't succeeded at this dating strategy, Get It Right This Time: How to Find and Keep Your Ideal Romantic Relationship shows you what you may be missing. (The listing of online dating resources alone is worth the price of this book.) Finally, Amy gives wise guidance to determining who the right person is for you and how to move forward in that relationship. This is an ideal book for anyone who is single (man or woman) and looking for their own true love.


-- Casey Dawes, ACC
Wise Woman Shining
Coach - Author - Speaker
President, Silicon Valley Coach Federation


2 Exciting Gifts from Peggy McColl

Gift #1: E-Excerpt – New York Times Best Seller “Your Destiny Switch” by Peggy McColl. From the New York Times Best Selling book YOUR DESTINY SWITCH e-excerpt by Peggy McColl. Master your key emotions & attract the life of your dreams. With this gift, you receive a excerpt inside the May 2007 release of Your Destiny Switch . . . a powerful concept and process that can consciously and creatively transform your life. You could call it a paradigm shift in creative consciousness that speaks to your demand for a richer and more experiential engagement in your quest for growth.

Gift #2: Power Emotions by New York Times Best-Selling Author Peggy McColl
This downloadable audio is taken from the brand new Power Emotions Program and includes the most powerful strategies to turn your dreams into reality. In this segment you will be exposed to a true formula for success.



“7 Ways You Can Find Time For Romance”


Do you have trouble finding the time you need to be as loving, passionate, and romantic as you want to be? You are not alone! Couples surveyed around the country are feeling overwhelmed by long days at demanding jobs, crazy commute times, cooking, and cleaning, and washing, and folding, and kids, and school, etc., etc., etc. How are you ever going to find time for the love of your life?


by Kevin Decker,

Award Winning Speaker,

Bestselling Author, and Host of Inside Romance Success.



Coach Amy has helped me clarify my values and solidify my decision making leading me to navigate my own course more successfully both personally and in business.


-- Ben, Bethesda MD (in a committed relationship since early 2007)



Find the Best Dating Sites on the Internet


Looking to give online dating a try and don’t know where to begin? The Mate Matcher can help you find that special someone with reviews of the top online dating sites, romantic tips, relationship advice and gifts of all sorts. Get your free copy of their helpful report reviewing the top dating sites on the internet. (



The Art of Building Trust Audio Series
by Bea Fields, President of Bea Fields Companies, Inc.


As a leader, building trust is truly an art, and while the concepts around building trust are common sense in nature, they are not so easily lived on a day in day out basis. This audio series will provide you with some new insights and questions about building trust and how to eliminate some of the dysfunctions that can destroy trust in your work and personal life.


Bea Fields is a Leadership Coach and Trainer and the President of Bea Fields Companies, Inc. She is the author of Edge: A Leadership Story (May 2008; Morgan James Publishing) and Millennial Leaders: Success Stories from Today’s Most Brilliant Generation Y Leaders

(October 2008; Morgan James Publishing).

For more information, visit



Amy has been a life-saver!  She helped me clarify my values and to focus on living a more values honored life, especially with regard to my entrepreneurial endeavors and my personal relationships.

-- Paul, Alexandria VA (Married in May 2005)

Package Yourself for $uccess Online


Learn how You can Harness the Power of the Internet with this downloadable toolkit (MP3 Audio and PDF Written Material) ~ Full of simple tips that you can start using immediately to “package” what you know and love and offer it on the Internet by…

  • Writing online articles to increase your credibility and spread your message
  • Using recorded audio to personalize your unique message and expand your reach
  • Creating and marketing your own downloadable informational products and
  • Having a website that really works for you.

Paula Constantino, CEO of,



Brain Storms


$10.00 off the book and a download of the first chapter of "Brain Storms! Out of A Torrential Past; Into A Triumphant Future". This is patient of Dr. Elly who wrote and did cartoons---Flintstones, Yogi Bear, etc. and wrote for Bill Cosby for many years. This is his own true story of his shocking past life regression. Each chapter concludes with "The Therapist's Perspective", including hypnotic and NLP techniques that were used with him. Chapter One is available for download. The book has been endorsed by Mark Victor Hansen's of Chicken Soup Series. The book is regularly $24.95 plus shipping.


Dr. Elly” ( Eleanor S. Field, Ph.D.) is a licensed clinical psychologist, a licensed marriage, family therapist, and hypnotherapist with highest certification from American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. She is also author, international speaker (NSA member), and seminar leader of intensive trainings in medical hypnosis and past life regression.


Coach Amy's GET IT RIGHT THIS TIME™ is a jam-packed volume for you who are in the process of doing just that!  From visualizing a successful date ( the Law of Attraction), to knowing when you have found Mr. Right, to making that relationship work, to building a future together, Amy  gives it all to you.  You cannot miss with this book. And it reads in an enjoyable manner. I am recommending this to my single patients, who often are in despair about playing the dating game once more.


Dr. Eleanor S. Field, Ph.D. ---
 Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Licensed Marriage, Family Therapist,
Author---Brain Storms!: Out Of A Torrential Past :Into A Triumphant Future
and The Good Girl Syndrome (Literary guild Selection)


ShadowHow to Attract $100 in 30 Days! Audio


Shadow! Nightwing a Master Practitioner of Law of Attraction since 2000 gives this exciting and fun filled 1 hour streaming Real Audio class showing you step by step, how to attract $100 in 30 days! Who doesn’t want to be $100 richer in one month?
This class is a $19 value.




The only reason you don’t have the body you desire, is because you are not acting AS-IF you have it. Let Marna Goldstein, owner of  show you how to ignite the thin you that’s bursting to come out!



Amy’s impactful questions dramatically shifted my perspective on marriage and the type of man that would truly make me happy.  This process opened me up to meeting my husband.


--Robin, Bethesda, MD (married April 2007)



ShadowReinvent Yourself Audio Recording


Dr. Toni LaMotta is a spiritual coach, author and keynote speaker who specializes in supporting women in reinventing themselves from the inside-out. (



. Inside Success Power Bonus Bundle (a $207 value)


You get three celebrity interviews: Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, and Robert Allen ($17.97 each), plus a free trial Gold Membership to The Inside Success Show (save $124.50), and Randy Gilbert's bestseller "Success Bound" ($9.95)


Randy Gilbert is known as Dr. Proactive, The Master Life Builder, and a compelling and empowering coach. He is the host of the Inside Success Radio Show, an internet talk show, and the author of "Success Bound: Breaking Free of Mediocrity".



ShadowWhat is a Bad Love Habit?


Unlock the secret to real and lasting love by breaking free of your bad love habits and limiting relationship beliefs! In this 45 minute audio bonus relationship expert Lisa Steadman, author of It's a Breakup, Not a Breakdown walks you through 12 simple yet powerful steps that will change your life. From identifying your limiting relationship beliefs to creating a new love vocabulary to becoming clear about who you're perfect partner really is, you'll be well on your way to healthy and happy love by the end of this unique program.


Lisa Steadman, a.k.a. The Relationship Journalist™ is an author and expert dedicated to helping individuals create lives they love so they’re free to attract the loves of their lives. Lisa is the author of It's A Breakup, Not A Breakdown: Get Over the Big One and Change your Life - for Good!  Visit her website at



The book has a lot of great information with helpful checklists and such.  I really like the Coach Amy Says boxes!


- - Catherine, Bethesda, MD



.50 Ways to Gustomize Your Life!


You get three celebrity interviews: Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, and Robert Allen ($17.97 each), plus a free trial Gold Membership to The Inside Success Show (save $124.50), and Randy Gilbert's bestseller "Success Bound" ($9.95)


Sandra Strauss is a Communications & Well-Being Coach presenting dynamic solutions for creating positive, powerful, authentic connections. Co-Author, Dancing through Life with Guts, Grace & Gusto, Get Along with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere—8 Keys to Creating Enduring Connections with Customers, Co-Workers . . . Even Kids!. She delivers programs to enhance positive communication as well as importance of living on purpose with gusto.



ShadowThe Take 10 Timer


The Take 10 timer is a unique PC application designed to support you in taking the small actions that lead up to Big Results.  Just click on the Take 10 icon and the count down begins, ending with exuberant cheering for your completed action.  Whatever your relationship goals, the Take 10 timer will help you get there in simple, 10 minute actions.


Rory Cohen is an entrepreneur, author, facilitator, speaker, and consultant with an expertise in the psychology of success and a speciality in Idea Implementation.



.Love Mandala and Special Report: 14 Tips on How to Manifest and Find Your Soulmate


If you're searching for THE ONE – a Soulmate, lover, partner and ultimate friend, get 14 of Arielle's best SOULMATE ATTRACTION AND MANIFESTATION TIPS and a LOVE MANDALA that you can use to attract and manifest your Soulmate into your life.


As a publicist for some of the world's leading personal development, metaphysical and self-help authors including Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsch, Dean Ornish, Jon Gordon, Gary Zukav, Louise Hay, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and more, Arielle Ford has seen her share of miracles and dreams come true.  Despite her success as a publicist, literary agent and bestselling author, she was a failure in her romantic relationships. By her 40's, Arielle was still unmarried. At age 43, her mother told her sister (NY Times #1 Bestselling Author Debbie Ford) and her friends she didn't think she'd ever get married! But just SIX months later, Arielle met Brian, the man of her dreams. And almost exactly one year later, she was married... 



.21 Tips to Using Law of Attraction in Business


Are you tired of dealing with difficult people?

Would you like to work less and make more?

Isn’t it time you had a job or a career you LOVE?

These 21 tips will help you unleash the power of the Law of Attraction and skyrocket your career!


Judith A. Wentzel, CTACC, EFT-ADV a certified life coach, author, speaker, and EFT practitioner, has been assisting individuals and small business owners achieve greater success since 1993.  Her goal is to educate, liberate, and empower her clients by providing strategic tools and techniques as well as the knowledge to use them.


You may receive 25% off your first regular coaching session with me.



.The Emotion Code


Sign up now to receive five free chapters of the groundbreaking book, "The Emotion Code" to fine out how trapped emotions are sabotaging your love life and walling you off from living the life you were born to live! The first 75 to sign up will also receive Dr. Nelson's 75 minute life -changing teleseminar, valued at $99, for free.


Renowned Holistic Physician, Healer and Spiritual Teacher, Dr. Bradley Nelson is the author of an intriguing new book, The Emotion Code. He has appeared on radio and television broadcasts nationwide, and has a message that is changing lives around the world!



.Sugar Shock


Learn how to get more energy, boost your moods & banish brain fog! This much-acclaimed book by "Sugar Liberation Coach" Connie Bennett, C.H.H.C., with Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D., was praised by a Who's Who of bestselling authors and medical experts, including frequent "Oprah" guest Dr. Mehmet Oz, who said it "spills the beans"; Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who hailed it as "a must read," and film producer Harvey Weinstein, who called it "long overdue."


Great advice and sage ideas---I wish I had read it before I married my ex...I committed almost every error available. Amy is right about not rushing into such a truly important decision.


– Mimi, Rockland County, New York.


.Get It Right This Time™ 6 week Tele-Seminar Series


Learn how to get more energy, boost your moods & banish brain fog! This much-acclaimed book by "Sugar Liberation Coach" Connie Bennett, C.H.H.C., with Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D., was praised by a Who's Who of bestselling authors and medical experts, including frequent "Oprah" guest Dr. Mehmet Oz, who said it "spills the beans"; Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who hailed it as "a must read," and film producer Harvey Weinstein, who called it "long overdue."



This Complete Dating Success Package and all of these incredible bonus gifts is only $149.95. (It is valued over $500.00!)

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You know, I’m so sure that you will get what you’re wanting from my Dating Success Package and the incredible bonuses I’m offering that I’m incredibly excited!  I just can’t wait to hear about your positive results.  It gives me tremendous joy that I can help you in this way.


I hope you’ll be one of those lucky people who take advantage of this golden opportunity.  I am offering you the solution you have been looking for, but now it’s up to you to take action so that you can have the romantic relationship and the great sense of fulfillment you’ve been looking for.




Amy Schoen, MBA, CPCC

Life Coach and Dating-Relationship Expert

Heartmind Connection®, LLC.,


P.S.  The success rate for my clients and students is incredibly high.  Many of them find their ideal partner using the tools I’ve gathered and written about in my book.  My clients pay over a thousand dollars for this vital information when they work personally with me.  Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this great opportunity to positively change (improve) your dating experience and have the happy life you deserve!


P.S.S. Read the Table of Contents to find out exactly what's included in Get it Right This Time™

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